Unarmed Security Guard

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Unarmed Security Guards

Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, whether they are going to work, shop, eat, or the place they call home. Creating a sense of safety and security ensures that people will look at your business or community as a place they can feel at ease. Security Guards create a safe haven by establishing that they are there to deter crime.

Unarmed Security Guards make the difference in your security plan. Physical security, unlike using cameras and alarms alone, is on the premises and serves as a visible reminder that the property is being protected. Guards are able to communicate and relay information to our 24/7 dispatch center, management, and authorities in real time, without delay. Our dependable security personnel is available to create a secure perimeter either on foot and/or by deploying our mobile patrol services.

While on duty, security guards utilize our advanced security tech to scan QR codes to mark their locations, giving a detailed outline of the patrol done during their shift. All reports are accessible to our 24/7 in-house dispatch center in real-time, ensuring that updated information is always available for you.

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